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neither of my parent’s are quiet when they masturbate so why should i be?


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Anonymous said: Oh sweet jesus you're goregous! Fuck me please?


That went from image


real quick



My dance style ranges from white dad at a barbeque to stripper whose rent is due in the morning.

So basically funny and cute to sexy as hell! I can work with that!

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Gisella Velasco and Toni Potenciano have brought together, in their eyes, two of the most essential aspects of culture: art and hip hop. Rad reveals to the world their first collection. The two creators of Fly Art select song lyrics and search for the painting that suits them best. That’s how Kanye West meets Cézanne, Beyonce connects with Magritte and Frank Ocean joins Renoir.

Stoked is probably not going to cut it, but we’re at bursting point with excitement. First thing’s first: We’d like to thank all of you here on tumblr for your unending support and patience for all of the weird things we turn out every so often. It’s been a learning experience considering none of us are art majors, I mean, when did we ever begin to care about rococo or impressionism?

Nonetheless, before this gets too tl;dr, hop on over to Rad. and get your own fly art merchandise!

For all you hungry devils in the US, click: http://www.rad.co/us

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blood orange.. the sky is so pretentious

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oh my god toyota.


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